Friday, June 15, 2012

SuperGT 2012

Hello people, it has been a super long time i didn't write here. Hmm, lets kick start with something new. I have leave my city, Ipoh and headed to KL (the heavy traffic) city for almost 3 weeks. In this 3 weeks I started working in an advertising firm, Vscape which located at Solaris Dutamas, the place full with delicious foods and smooth coffee.  Come visit me and I can be your tour guide here (: The bosses are good and finally I experienced with the real designer's life. I hereby being placed at the position of "designer". Oh, it sounds so professional and yeah i am!
On the second week of working, babyboy and I win the ticket of SuperGT 2012. I am so into car drifting and speeding since the last Asia Formula Drifting at Sepang last few weeks. 
We went both Saturday qualified race and Sunday the final race event. Both days are good except the Sunday's sun. I found that the racers are just too awesome because they are practicing all the time just waiting that moment to speed like mad horse. Someone told me that Sepang Circuit is the only road without speed limit in Malaysia. Yeah, how true is it? He is definitely correct because they exactly speed like monster and roar like monster on the road. Their engine noise make me temporarily deaf at that moment. Not to leave out the pretty and hawt superGT Queens. Guys are all drooling there :P

 Day 1

Broooom Broooooom, here we go (:

 Bboy competition

 Ohh, so lazy outfit please!

 The Civic Type-R. Guy's dream car all the time !

 lamborghini, the bull (:

The 2 handsome racers. They signing on the Lexus files. 

 I get mine and there is name on it. Special for me ONLY 

 RM10 for the 'JAPANESE' fried chicken!

 The babyboy 

 Everyone just get ready for the qualified race :P

Get to play the ps3 GT5. he played all the time and yet he wanna play it here -.- 

After finished the qualified race, we get back to hotel and bath! We then met up with the 2 darlings, wilson, yanyee and zhenglian too! Planning where to go on the Saturday night? Find something special instead of drinking like mad horse in the club? Thats the place worth your visit, SpeedCity which located at Selangor turf club. There's actually drifting event at Saturday night. You just pay for RM4 and you can enjoy it well. Even smell the rubber of car tyre and saw accident. Yeah, it sounds so interesting and dangerous! 'chi gek' :D

With the new admire, Tengku Djan. The drift king in Malaysia. He just dman offing awesome please.

Day 2

 My favorite gal among all! She just so damn cute please. 

 Everyone look serious when singing the country song (:

 Weider Honda Racing for winning the GT500 Round 3 Sepang

The weider supported showing their support to the racer when they win the race.

 Congratulation to the Weider Honda Racing for winning the GT500 Round 3 Sepang

At last we just have our late dinner at Creature Kitchen before babyboy head back to Kampar.

We are now 165km apart again! Cheers baby (:

Monday, October 3, 2011

Butterfly farm, Penang Trip

Yey, once again baby and I visited Penang during the Raya break. I almost visit most of the must-visit-place in Penang. Penang is really a good place to stay! Fresh air, sand, sea and ang-mo!
We went to Butterfly farm this time! The weather is still that hawt like last time. No wonder people there are so passion!
HAHA. Alright, get back to the topic! We planned to go for breakfast before heading off, but failed because the babyboy and I sleep so damn late! And we couldn't wake up on time. Urghh, i just so hate my comfy bed. At last we end up eating dim sum that babyboy bought in the car. Lalala, here we go! We reached there and surprisingly there're no traffic jam along the road. Wee! We bought the tickets, each adult ticket for Warganegara ( Malaysian Citizen) is RM18 so remember to bring your identity card when you plan to visit kay!

Many things to visit there! So do consider this butterfly farm as your next vacation!

Having breakfast again! The famous Kuey teow near ayer hitam :D

LOL! I looked fat! No, Im fat ):

The butterfly dare to stand on his hand !! :D

hatching baby butterfly !

The silly girl :)
The cutie babyboy is holding a fat fat fat snakeeeeee!

he looked so true (:

Just like a kids :D

This guy like to eat hibiscus

They looked like shark ==|

Ima boy! HAHA
For the miss Orchid, Sharon teo!
LOL. Queuing for getting inked ! :D

I am done with mine !

The smart babyboy!

There're lots of butterfly, insects samples !

The art gallery! (by the way, No camera allowed)

Kissing goodbye with the mascot

The pictures before finish the visitation!

Thank god for bringing you to me,
from the day you hold me,
i know you're the one,
the one i love,
the one i care,
the one i need.
I love you my dear babyboy (:

Best regards,